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s players and lovers of the game of soccer…The concept of basing a …befitting to the game…production unit was conceived and the FC Industries came into existence…The year 1996 was the year of world cup. It helped us to involve…improve and excel to the need, demand and satisfaction of customer…hence…we gradually progressed to this length.

It is worth mentioning…The FC Industries honorably produced and served with a thousands soccer balls during the World Cup 1996.
In 1996…The FC Industries established its own full fledge Research & Development unit with latest testing equipment for the improvement of quality and performance.
It was a privilege to join Heineken… McDonalds and many others in their sales campaign by producing thousand of promotional balls for them. The regular Exhibitions … for the last 8-10 years and ISPO-Germany have also enhanced our knowledge and expertise.
As a further achievement…The FC Industries based production of quality Sports Wears in 2001 with a complete workshop and latest machinery … labs and tools etc. The concept designing…pattern making…prototype sampling…cutting…sewing …printing…computer embroidering…quality control…in time production and delivery… every step has been quiet systematic… which you can experience too…when you decide to join us.
Of course… it is a great honor and privilege to be with or in:



1)For quality control ISO-9001 Certified.
2)Working in compliance with Social Responsibilities.
3)Working in Safe & Health Environments
4)Comply with all applicable nationa, International & customer Defined legal and regulatory requirements.
5)Condemn child labors, forced Labors and Discrimination.
6)Member of (CSDO) Child & Social Development Organization.


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